The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Bicycle Helmet for Large Heads

Best Bicycle Helmet for Large Heads

The right helmet is the unsung hero of every cycling adventure, but for those with larger heads, the search can seem never-ending. With safety being the utmost priority, finding a helmet that fits both your head size and your lifestyle is crucial. To assist you in this endeavor, we’ve curated a comprehensive guide to the best bicycle helmet for large heads with big heads. From features to certifications and beyond, we have you covered. More…

Certifications: The Bedrock of Helmet Safety

Helmets must adhere to rigorous standards to ensure they protect your head in the event of a fall. Certification is the hallmark that your helmet meets these requirements. Here are the certifications you ought to search for:

  1. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC): This is the basic standard recognized by the US government, ensuring helmets meet the minimum performance requirements.
  2. European Standard EN1078: This is equivalent to the CPSC, and helmets with this certification are widely accepted across Europe.
  3. Snell Memorial Foundation (Snell): Known for more stringent impact testing, Snell certification typically denotes a high level of protection.
  4. Australian Standard (AS/NZS 2063): Mandated for bicycle helmets in Australia, this standard includes rigorous testing procedures.
  5. American National Standards Institute (ANSI): Helmets with this certification have met requirements for helmet safety performance.

Key Features to Consider Best Bicycle Helmet for Large Heads

When searching for your perfect helmet, consider these key features:


Proper airflow is essential, especially on longer rides in warm weather. Look for helmets with ample venting to keep you cool and comfortable.

Retention System

The retention system is the mechanism that ensures your helmet stays put on your head. Adjustable straps and a secure fit system are must-haves for comfort and safety.


A heavy helmet can cause neck strain on longer rides. Look for a lightweight, yet durable option for a balanced feel.


Helmets can range from budget-friendly to extravagant. Set a budget and find the best helmet that fits within it without compromising safety.


A visor provides shade from the sun, helping to improve your visibility and overall riding experience.

Design and Aesthetics

While the substance should always outrank style, there’s no denying the appeal of a well-designed helmet. Looking good in your gear can boost confidence and make cycling an even more enjoyable experience.

Comfort is King

A helmet should feel like an extension of your head, not an added burden. Interior padding, along with a helmet’s shape and material, contribute to comfort. Features like sweat-wicking technology and soft, anti-microbial liners can make a huge difference during long rides.

The Best Helmet for Must-Have Trends

Cycling is a dynamic sport, with technology and trends constantly evolving. Stay ahead of the curve by considering helmets with these innovative features:

Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS)

MIPS technology is designed to combat rotational forces in an impact, potentially reducing the risk of brain injuries. Helmets with MIPS are at the forefront of safety innovation.

Integrated Lighting

Built-in LED lights can increase your visibility to others on the road, making early morning and evening rides safer.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Some helmets offer built-in speakers and microphones, allowing you to listen to music or take calls without obstructing your ears, which could be illegal in some states.

A Selection of 10 Best Bicycle Helmets for Large Heads

Next, we present a carefully curated list of ten top bicycle helmets that cater specifically to individuals with larger heads.

1. Giro Fixture MIPS X-Large Adult Mountain Cycling Helmet – Matte Black (Limited), Universal X-Large (58-65 cm)

Harnessing MIPS technology, this Giro helmet offers a blend of safety and style, with ample venting for optimal airflow. The matte black finish gives it a sleek, understated look fitting for the mountains or the city.

2. GTSBROS Adult Bike Helmet

Safety first with this GTSBROS model, which boasts a set of LED lights for enhanced visibility. With adjustable features, this helmet is convenient for all types of cycling endeavors.

3. Zacro Adult Bike Helmet Lightweight for Men Women Comfort with Pads&Visor, Certified Bicycle Helmet for Adults Youth Mountain Road Biker

Featuring a visor to protect you from sunlight and a lightweight design, the Zacro helmet is the embodiment of comfort and convenience.

4. Retrospec Dakota Bicycle / Skateboard Helmet for Adults – Commuter

An all-rounder, the Retrospec Dakota helmet is suitable for various sports, and its matte black exterior is sure to match any outfit or bike.

5. ABUS Hyban 2.0, Cycling Helmet for Urban Commuting – Polar White – XL (58-63)

For the urban cyclist, the ABUS Hyban 2.0 offers a unique look with practical features like a ponytail-ready design and sturdy, extended coverage for maximum protection.

6. Giro Register MIPS Adult Recreational Cycling Helmet – Matte Titanium (2022), Universal Adult (54-61 cm)

This Giro model is not only stylish but also adaptable, featuring universal adult sizing and the latest MIPS technology for enhanced safety.

7. OutdoorMaster Skateboard Cycling Helmet

OutdoorMaster provides a versatile helmet that’s perfect for both cycling and other sports. The dual-purpose option is a great bang for your buck.

8. OutdoorMaster Bike Helmet for Adults, Adjustable Cycling Helmet for Men & Women

For those looking to add a pop of color to their cycling gear, the OutdoorMaster helmet in azure blue is both striking and secure.

9. ILM Adult Men & Women Bike Bicycle Helmet, Lightweight Child Youth Mountain Road Cycling Helmets

Built with larger XXL heads in mind, the ILM helmet is built for comfort and ease of use, with a dial fit adjustment system for a personalized fit.

10. INNAMOTO Adults Skateboard Helmets for Men & Women – Adjustable Bike Helmet

This multi-sport helmet boasts adjustability and safety standards for a variety of activities, making it a versatile option for the active commuter.

Related Deals You Might Like for Bike Helmets for Big Heads

Staying aware of the ongoing promotions and deals on large-headed bike helmets can save you both time and money. Here are some of the latest deals you won’t want to miss:

ILM grownup bike Helmet light-weight Mountain&avenue Bicycle Helmets for guys ladies specialized cycling Helmet for Commuter city Scooter(Blue, XXL)

Seeking a specialized cycling helmet with a pop of color? This blue ILM helmet with a smooth XXL fit is a protective trendsetter without the premium cost.

Motorbike Baseball Helmets-cycling-Bicycle Adults – ABS leather safety with Adjustable Strap for person men girls Black (21.6-24.4in) (Black, One length)

For those who prefer the classic look and the comfort of leather, this helmet, available in one size for larger heads, offers robust protection for city riders and urban commuters.

UPANBIKE person motorbike Helmet Mens motorbike Helmet driving Helmet

The UPANBIKE helmet in carbon black is crafted for those rugged mountain trails. Its adjustable features ensure your focus is solely on your ride.

Schwinn Thrasher adult motorcycle Helmet light-weight Microshell, people of all genders, Dial healthy Adjustment, counseled suit fifty eight-62cm Non-Lighted, White/Silver

Schwinn’s white and silver Thrasher helmet is a classic choice for those who want a clean, minimalist look without compromising quality.

VICTGOAL motorcycle Helmet with USB Rechargeable Rear light detachable Magnetic Goggles detachable sun Visor Mountain & street Bicycle Helmets

For the adventurer who wants to add a futuristic edge to their cycling gear, this VICTGOAL helmet comes with innovative magnetic goggles and a detachable sun visor, perfect for shielding your eyes on those long, sunny rides.

ILM clever motorcycle Helmet Brake caution LED light manipulate NTA8776 CE CPSC Triple Certification adult electric powered Bicycle

Experience next-level safety with the ILM smart helmet. With brake warning LED lights, this helmet helps you stay visible and safe on the road while maintaining a sleek, matte exterior.

ILM grownup motorcycle Helmet of Best Bicycle Helmet for Large Heads

This ILM helmet not only caters to larger head sizes but also features a USB-rechargeable front and back LED lighting system with removable goggles for enhanced visibility and comfort.


Finding a suitable bicycle helmet for those with larger heads involves careful consideration of both fit and safety features. This guide and the curated list of best bicycle helmet for large heads should equip you with the knowledge you need to select your perfect headgear. Remember, your helmet is your constant companion on the road, so choose wisely and ensure a safe and enjoyable cycling experience. Stay safe, and enjoy the ride!

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